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If your heart is troubled and peace seems out of reach, talk to Karma. She's helped me make powerful life changes for the better.

Her wisdom and insights created fresh perspectives and new possibilities. She helped me move from grief to acceptance, from feeling broken and despairing to feeling whole and hopeful once more.

She's a genuinely loving person and healing spirit.

Michael Hicks | Wordsmith

Having a sacred conversation with Karma is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I am so grateful I had the chance to experience her powerful gifts.

Her loving energy is something that cannot be put into words, but the messages she shared and her incredible intuition helped me shed light on things that I wasn't aware of, leaving me with a sense of peace and some great insights to help me move forward in a time of turmoil.

The benefits of each of our conversations went far beyond the time we spent together as she always offers precious advice and tools to carry onward.

A session with Karma is like a bubble out of time, filled with so much love and magic that you cannot help but feel uplifted!

Harmony Villemin | Entrepreneur

Karma is a total powerhouse of a healer. She is potent. She is attuned at-depth in receiving and knowing what is needed in every moment.

I come to her with weird questions and what-if's and desires and all the mess of still untangling it all... And she guides me to resolution.

It's the from-the-depths-of-my-heart-and-soul kind of resolution.

She'll say one phrase and my whole perspective will turn upside-down and yet I know it's also the deepest of my inner truths coming forward. It's always exactly what I need to hear and yet it's always so much more than that.

It should also be noted that her guidance is equally as practical as it is soulful. It can be immediately put into action and use. I'm so grateful for her presence and contribution.

Karen Kirchman

Founder & Chief Creator | Real Genius Life

Our WONDERFUL session was such a blessing and came at exactly the right time. I gained so many insights, the most significant is "TRUST!"

In meditation this morning I discovered that there is so much waiting to be manifested that it is creating a "log jam" (my back ache)!! So I am practicing  ALLOWING things to flow and not blocking them with fear.

I am sure there will be more insights as time goes on. Thank you for being the Divine Instrument!!

G.C. | Healer & Author

Even before my session with Karma I could feel her energy!

She is incredibly intuitive and is able to not only clarify questions you may have, but truly clear your energy. I was left feeling lighter, absolutely more positive and focused.

Karma is the one person I trust to get to the bottom of anything that may be "stuck". I happily work with her over and over to get answers and direction in all areas of my life.

Laura Muirhead |  Artist, Author & Entrepreneur

When I first made my appointment for a healing session with Karma I was a little apprehensive. I did not have expectations of what it might be like. I figured at least I'd be in quiet for a little while - a hard thing to find as a parent and daycare owner.

The experience was unlike any I've had before. As I was laying on the table I began having images of color washing over me. It was peaceful and beautiful. I left feeling very understood and peaceful.

Meeting Karma and talking with her felt like being reunited with an old friend. One who knows you completely and you're completely at ease. I'd highly recommend working with Karma to help let go of everyday stresses.

Angela B. | Daycare Owner and Mom

Highly intuitive and uniquely gifted. A rare soul that embodies the essence of love. A session with Karma won't soon be forgotten.

Gail Perrella | Nutrition Specialist at Revive Salt Therapy & Wellness

Love is the most powerful energy on Earth!


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